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Here are a few snaps taken at recent events. More pictures and news can be found on our facebook page here!

Samuel L Jackson at Abbey Road Studios.

Label 1

Jersey Boys tribute band.
Joe Stilgoe at Leeds City Varieties Theatre.
DJ at Under The Bridge, Chelsea.
The London Showband in Monte Carlo.
Tony Momrelle at The Social, London.
Q The Music in London.
Silken Strings Electric String Trio.
The Troxy, London.
Joe Stilgoe at Babbington House.
A DiGiCo S21 mixing desk aboard a Thames River cruiser.
iPad control at Abbey Road Studios.
Grand Connaught Rooms, London.
A marquee party.
A marquee party, view from an DiGiCo S21 mixing desk.
A theatre stage with a jazz big band.
The O2 Arena.
The Bournemouth BIC Arena.
The Bournemouth BICCC Arena.
The Liverpool Echo Arena.
A Soundcraft EFX8 mixing desk.
Joe Stilgoe Song On Film at The Spiegeltent, London Southbank.
The Coalminers band.
A local festival stage.
Tony Momrelle and Jacob Collier.
Natalie Williams Soul Family in a marquee.
Redstone Collecctive Wedding Band.
A wedding in a stately home.
Graeme Swann and Henry Blofeld theatre stage.
A Barmitzvah in London.
A Barmitzvah in London.
Joe Stilgoe in London.
The Horne Section theatre stage.
Joe Stilgoe private event in London.
Silken Strings at the Mandarine Oriental.
Liverpool Philharmonic.
Joe Stilgoe in London.
Pizza Express, London.
Silken Strings Electric String Trio in London.
Joe Stilgoe Tour.
Joe Stilgoe Tour.
A London Function Band.
David Gower and Cchris Cowdrey cricket theatre tour.
Silken Strings Electric String Trio at The Gherkin, London.
Otty Music Band at The Honourable Law Society, London.
The Diamond Skyline Orchestra Jazz Big Band.
A wedding function band stage.
Q The Music James Bond Band.
A corporate function band.
Silken Strings electric string trio.
Portchester Hall, London.
A wedding function band in a marquee.
A band perform at Pizza Express, London.
Sway corporate function band.
A Shure Super 55 microphone.
Joe Stilgoe jazz band.
Joe Stilgoe Jazz band.
A ccorporate function band.
Fit up at The Alband Arena, St Albans.
A corporate function sound check.
The London Boat Show.
A function band in a town hall.
Joe Stilgoe jazz band.
Underground swimming pool party.
16A cables.
Electric String Trio at a wedding.
A function band aboard a London Thames cruise.
An Indian wedding celebration.
A Jewish wedding celebration.
A large marquee sound system.
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